Kojiesan - It's Time to Command Your Beauty

Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap

Kojiesan launches its latest Zero Pigment Light innovation and calls on women to Command Beauty the way they want 

Women have so often and so long been told to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. Everywhere you look—from the pages of fashion magazines to your favorite influencers’ posts on social media—there seems to be countless beauty rules and standards that you need to follow.

Kojiesan challenges women to throw the beauty rule book out the window, because the truth is there are no rules when it comes to beauty. How you want to look and present yourself is under your command. With their campaign “Command Beauty,” Kojiesan reminds you that only you have the power to define your look. 

As a beauty pioneer, particularly in kojic acid formulation, Kojiesan has long provided women an arsenal of high quality, effective, and best-in-class products that help them achieve the kind of look and beauty they want. Now, with the evolving needs and priorities of women, and a changing perspective on beauty being a choice rather than a standard, the brand has made sure to level up its offerings. Kojiesan continues to support women who want to achieve a certain pure, light and even toned complexion, leading once again in this space as it unveils its latest kojic acid skin lightening innovation, Zero Pigment Light.

Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap

This new formulation keeps the same benefits of kojic acid that we know and love, but supercharges its mode of action to zero in on dark spots, age spots, scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation for that light, pure, and even skin tone Kojiesan in known for. Now, Zero Pigment Light has been infused into the brand’s famed Kojiesan Skin Lightening Classic Soap, and has made it the best ever. Dermatologically tested and paraben free, the Classic Soap remains one of the best soaps in the market, as proven by its very loyal following.

Kojiesan has also infused Zero Pigment Light to its newest variant, Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap. Aside from this super ingredient, the new variant also has the exciting addition of the HydroMoist Formula that helps keep skin moisturized and well hydrated for up to 24 hours so it stays soft and smooth all day. 

Kojiesan believes that you always have the power to choose your beauty and strength. With their beloved products supercharged with Zero Pigment Light arming you with the functional tools to achieve your specific beauty goals, and their strong battle cry #CommandBeauty, the beauty brand is going all out to help you own the life and the look you want. 

Get exciting updates and information at @KojiesanPH on Facebook and Instagram and www.kojiesan.com. Kojiesan is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as Kojiesan’s official LazMall on Lazada and Beauty MNL.