#NailGoals with Caronia Tropical Glam Collection

Summer calls not only for beaches but also for colorful nails. This is the time where we, girls wanted to show off our perfect nail art to our friends. However, sometimes being this extra cost extra bucks if you’ll have it done at a salon. But that doesn’t mean that you have to skip it altogether because Caronia just launched a fresh and sparkly light-colored polishes that exude the fun in summer!

Whether heading out to the beach or just frolicking in the malls, girls can fabulously nail their summer vibe by putting on any of the fun pastel, summery, and glittery shade of Caronia’s Tropical Glam collection.

Colors of Fun
The Tropical Glam collection has six trendy and glamorous colors in two collection packs – the Tropical Glam Shimmer set and the Tropical Glam Metallic set, that girls can choose from.

Tropical Glam Shimmer set is composed of Limelight, Primrose, and Fantasia.
  • Limelight is a glittery ocean green shade and, just like the ocean, it sparkles in the sun.
  • Primrose is a baby pink in matte finish perfect for a rustic summer feel.
  • Fantasia is a glittery darker pink shade that sparkles with any outfit;

Tropical Glam Metallic set consists of Fairy Dust, Lumina, and Ethereal.
  • Lumina has a light gold shimmer that perfectly gives off that earthy summer vibe.
  • Fairy Dust is a metallic silver like the sparkling waves of the sea and Ethereal is a shimmering deep rose gold that blends well with any outdoor summer activity.
If you’ve seen my previous IG story (see it now at @mhishacuyson under Events highlight), you’ll see how pretty my nails was using these collection. My friends can’t even believe that it was a regular polish! Just make sure that you apply a base coat and top coat to your Caronia nail arts to make it last even longer.

Let our nails be extra this summer with Caronia’s Tropical Glam Collection.