No More Red Bumps with Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream

One of my skin problems these days is my forehead bumps. They’re swollen and painful and are bothering me for weeks now. At first I though it’s just because I’m going to have my period, but no, my period passed already and they’re still there. Ugh! Only to realize that I do have Centellian 24 Madeca Cream in my skincare stash. So, I decided to give it a try after reading numerous positive reviews of it. And you what? It freaking works!

I broke my number 1 blogger rule for this Madeca Derma Cream, I started using it even without taking a product photo of it first. It’s worth it. Anyway, its packaging resembles a typical ointment tube. It actually looks like it is a medicinal ointment than a skincare product. For all its worth, Madeca Derma Cream’s key ingredient – Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica – claims to heal wounds, scars, and is also anti-aging. 
Its texture is like your usual ointment, a bit thick yet somehow watery. For my dry skin, this cream is still on the sticky side and will be fully absorbed by the skin after a few minutes. Also, due to it having Synthetic Beeswax, which can basically clogged pores, I am only using it during the day and rest my pores during the night. It has a hint of floral scent to it too. 

I’ve been using it for one whole week now and the result is amazing! Lately, I really feel like my forehead is angry at me as red bumps continuously pop out one after another. And not just a regular red bumps, mine are swollen, painful and itchy at times too!
Apologies for the difference in lighting on my photo, Mr. Sun wasn’t cooperating with me when I’m taking the After photo. Ugh.
After 7 days of continuously using Madeca Derma Cream, the red bumps on my forehead lessened. The big swollen ones flatten and not painful anymore. Although they do itch from time to time. You’ll also notice how my skin looks so much better on the 7th day, tiny bumps are almost gone. I’m sure that on the 14th day, my skin will be all clear. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Did I mention that this cream is a good moisturizer too? Well, it does, although it is quite heavy even for my dry skin, I still like how it makes my skin plumper and have that instant glass-like skin effect. And I am hoping that my skin will remain just that, with glass-like effect permanently. Char! I know it’s not that easy. LOL

Centellian Madeca Derma Cream 50ml, is available at my CHARIS shop for only Php1,190, Cash On Delivery is also available.