5 Last Minute Gift Recommendation for your Girlfriends!

Can you believe that we only have six days left before Christmas? I’m not even done crossing out names from my gift list! Are you, too? Because this post is for you! Okay, maybe for me too. By doing this post, we’re helping each other in choosing what the best gift to give to our girlfriends is. These Five Last Minute Gift Recommendations will save you time looking and deciding what is the perfect gift to give to your squad.

EOS Lip Balm Holiday Flavors Collection
One of the must-have items in every girl’s kit is lip balms, especially now that the weather is colder and our lips tends to chap easily. With lip balm flavors namely first snow, fireside chai, and pomegranate raspberry any girl will surely swoon over it as it will stir up cozy memories of holiday cheer. EOS lip balms are also known for its cute packaging which makes it a perfect choice for stuffing stockings. Plus, it’s 100% organic and cruelty-free!

Essential Oils
Is your girlfriend always stressed out? Having difficulty getting a nice sleep? Well, you should definitely gift them an essential oil! This Essential Oil Travel Kit of Pili Beauty has it all – essential oils to keep you awake, calms you when stressed out, helps you get a good night sleep, helps you breathe easy and keep the mosquitoes away from you. Just pick the variant that fits your girlfriends, even better if all of them fits the variant of the essential oils from the kit because that’ll definitely save you time. And money. Get yours at Beaute Hype and save up to 15% off on essential oils!
Nothing could go wrong with hoop earrings. Gift your girlfriend with different sizes of hoop earring, and I’m sure that she will love it! This particular style of earrings is considered a versatile one that fits and suits any style and outfit. It doesn’t matter if it’s gold or silver because hoop earring is like the basic of all earrings and color have nothing to do with it.

Our cellphone is like a part of us and we never want it to run out of power so, you might want to consider giving powerbank as a gift to your girlfriends. I found this particular powerbank that not only charges a mobile phone but can also charge a laptop (yes, even Macboks!). It’s from a brand called ZMI. I actually plan to buy one for myself because it sounds so awesome.

Foods in a Jar
Yes, girls also dig foods as a gift especially if it’s in a jar! There’s something so cute when a food is in a jar and is nicely packed. Cookies, cakes, puddings are what’s commonly offered in a jar and us girls enjoys pigging out on sweets. There are stores that offers customized labels of their jars which is a perfect gift for the squad. I mean, cakes and cookies? Come on, we don’t need any further explanation for that!

Well, that sums it all. I’m sure that there are many things you can give to your girls still, nothing beats spending the holidays together and have fun. If you have any last minute gift recommendations to share, just leave it on the comment box below!