Top 5 Gifts for Men this Christmas

Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner which can only mean one thing; it's time to prepare for the Christmas holiday. If you are one of those who is still not sure of what to get as a gift, maybe these Christmas fashion must-haves of 2018 for men can help.

It will surprise you to know that men are so different from women when it comes to picking out gifts for them. They are not so keen about fashion or bothered about having the latest fragrance. If they like to read at all, they prefer magazines about cars, sports or computing/gadget. Ask a man to choose between a night vision camera and a designer clothing and you can be sure you already know what the answer will be. So by popular demand, these are the Christmas fashion must haves of 2018.

A bathrobe may seem, but one with their favourite movie character (my husband likes star wars) or sports icon will be an ideal gift, all you need to do is find out their favourite movie star or sports icon and get a ready-made robe or get it personalised.

Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale
This is a great gift to give at Christmas for men who like to be on top of their health and fitness. Men, like women, like to look and feel good too. This scale will compare your weight over time and automatically send your data to your online account via the iPhone or iPad so you can even know your progress on the go. This is great for fitness fanatics.

Noise Cancelling headphones
For your regularly travelling husband or boyfriend who loves to listen to his music but gets sick of hearing others while they are commuting. This is a must have to help him shut out the distractions and enjoy his music. If the person you are buying this gift for loves music then they might like a top of the range pair of headphones which can cost you a small fortune. I would recommend shopping around to find the best deal possible. Alternatively, credit catalogues are an option to consider as they let you spread the cost of your purchases over several months.

Magic Wand Remote Control
You would think they would be satisfied with the remote control, but no. They want a bit of magic too. With this magic wand, you swish, whirl and flick to change channels, adjust volumes and much more just like Harry Potter.

Gadget Accessories
So he has all the latest gadgets, and you can't top that, but you want something extraordinary, something he has probably not considered, then get him accessories for his gadgets. You can get him the cookbook for iPad, novel case to protect his device from everyday wear and tear or get him a touchscreen cleaning kit to protect his device screen from greasy hands.

Christmas is approaching which means it is time to start giving your holiday fashion a bit more thought. It's difficult to maintain the constant changes but whatever your styles, as long as you stick to expectations and don't overdo it; there is no reason why this Christmas you can't be the most dapper bloke at the party!