Are Online Catalogues Good For Fashion

The internet perhaps may have already started taking over the mail order business and other forms of distant buying and selling. Yes, we are today well and truly into catalogue and online marketing. It is there in almost all products and services. Fashion industry is one such place where there is growing demand for online catalogue products. There are dozens of online stores which stock and sell almost everything that one could relate to the fashion industry.

However, there are purists and conventionalists who are not very happy with the way fashion industry is moving. They believe that it is being hijacked to the online catalogue mode. The touch and feel purists are being let down. So, where exactly does the truth lie? Are online catalogues good for the fashion industry or are they damaging it? Let us try and find answers for the same.

There Are Some Obvious Advantages
There is no denying the fact that there are some obvious advantages associated with online catalogues for fashion. To begin with you are actually buying it from the comfort of your home. Most online stores today offer free delivery and this is indeed a big takeaway for the industry as a whole. It does save time and there is convenience associated with it. It helps you to order almost anything including clothing for the entire family, garden furniture and a variety of home appliances.

It is considered good for the fashion industry as a whole because of a number of reasons. The customers get a broader canvas of choices and therefore the industry has to be on its toes. They have to always offer them the latest designs and ideas, lest they are elbowed out of the online market space.

These online catalogue outlets have customer friendly returns and replacement policy. This perhaps may be lacking in the conventional brick and mortar stores. Further if you are buying something that is very personal or private, going online could be the best choice. This also redefines the way in which the customers and their privacy are treated.

Online fashion catalogues come with the added advantage of wider choices. Further there are regular promotions online which attracts customers and also increases sales for the various fashion items. These online companies also offer some attractive and flexible financing options. However, this could mean paying more when compared to cash purchases. But it does make sense when you are with a tight purse.

You also can help build a positive credit rating. This is because buying online is good both for the customers and the stores. The online stores are able to sell more and the customers can do away with the rigid credit rating rules often associated with credit cards.

Some Downsides
The wait for the fashion items to reach your home could be a bit irritating, especially when you want something urgently. Some catalogue items could also be more expensive when compared to the brick and mortar outlets. Many online fashion outlets are able to sell more to customers. While this is good for them, customers often end up biting more than what they can chew. This could lead to debt trap especially when they buy it on installment schemes.


To sum up, there is no doubt that online catalogues for fashion industry is here to stay because of some obvious advantages both for the industry and the customers. It will certainly pick up more speed over the years to come.