Avon Philippines BeYOUtiful Meetings For Everyone As They Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

Growing up with aunts who are Avon repsAvon has become my first go-to makeup brand. I ordered my first lip balm and clear mascara (that honestly did nothing on my lashes, but still made me so excited) for my first kikay kit. Fast forward to 2018, when almost half of my bras are from Avon and their makeup line continues to grow. Now, as they celebrate their 40th anniversary, Avon Philippines celebrated their yet another milestone through BeYOUtiful which is a series of events that highlights Avon's earning opportunities and world-class bestselling products with fun games and activities.

Last September 7I get to personally experience the BeYOUtiful event held at Sequioa Hotel. I brought my mom with me since she's a big fan of Avon and I know that she will surely enjoy being there. We enjoyed the event so much that we forgot to take a photo together (maybe next time *wink*). Anywaythere are free training sessions for those who are and interested to be Avon representatives. Attendees also get to enjoy visiting three exciting booths - the Color boothFragrance booth and Intimate Apparel booth. Here's a quick video, so you have idea how it looks like. 

The main highlight of BeYOUtiful event, though, is Gen-zel's makeup session where she shares her beauty tips and her makeup technique using Avon's Mark makeup line.

Of course, you too can experience this exciting event. The next leg will be at the Apo View Grand Hotel on September 21 and 22. To registergo to this link: http://bit.ly/beYOUtifulbyAvon or send a text message to Avon Operations Center at 0917 864 2900. This is for free guys, so register now!

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