4 Things to Consider When Dating A Beauty

At first, it may sound like a good idea to have a stunningly beautiful woman who will leave all your friends with mouths wide open. In fact, many men dream of having an attractive woman by their sides at all times. But have you ever thought of the downside of having a more attractive woman? 
Have you ever thought that this could be the beginning of a challenging relationship?

According to reports from a variety of research studies, a relationship where the woman is more attractive than the man has a higher chance of failure. To explain this well, let us look at some of the reasons why such a relationship can be difficult.

Beautiful Women Are Expensive

Dating a hot woman comes at a cost. They often use some of the most expensive designer cosmetics. Their monthly maintenance bills are higher than those of most other women. If your woman is more attractive than you, she will always ask for expensive things that you have to fund. Apart from personal items, they also want to dine in the finest restaurants, drive sporty cars and take holidays frequently. Needless to say, they also ask for gifts every other day.

They Always Attract Attention

Whether you are in a social event or passing along the streets with your beauty, you will be surprised to see other people, particularly men, staring at her. This is not a good thing because some men claim to feel insecure in this type of relationship. This can be the beginning of problems in a relationship. Arguments may arise because men may feel jealous to the extent that they do not want their women to go out alone.

They Often Do Not Want Commitments

If you visit any dating site, most women who are stunningly beautiful are looking for casual dating rather than serious relationships. According to officials at the HappyMatches website, many of the women at the casual dating corner are the most attractive.

Additionally, a man who has a woman who is more attractive than he is may be surprised when she asks for a breakup. Most of them want to try other avenues after a short while. In any case, they will get another man as quickly as they lost you.


The majority of beautiful women have lives that are full of drama. They enhance their defense strategies to avoid being asked questions by men. Reports indicate that many of these beauties like arguing and shouting at people without a care of where they are. As a man, you have to be prepared for this kind of relationship, or you should simply walk away. No one really knows why these women are this way. Some relationship experts say that the main reason could be to attract attention, which they are used to.


Even though there are many beautiful women who are not high maintenance and nurture their relationships well, the majority of these women do not. Their relationships frequently do not last long since they know that they can easily get another man. As a man, you have to be cautious when dating extremely beautiful women.