KBeauty Alert: Esfolio Skincare Haul

Hello again my beautiful readers! Imagine that it is already July? That was fast! Anyway, I thought about the best thing (me thinks so) to start off the mid-year with a skincare haul post from the new Korean skincare brand that entered the Philippine market earlier this year called Esfolio.

I love skincare products, and when I saw Esfolio’s catalogue, I almost lost it. It was like I was in skincare haven! And I am more than happy to share with you guys the products I got from them. Let’s start?
Goat Milk Daily Skin Set (Php2,500/set). Also sold separately.
You all know that the basic skincare routine is Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. Although the set doesn’t include cleanser, it is still the best choice to start off, especially if you have dry skin. I am actually pretty excited about this one because it’s been a while since I used one brand in my routine. This will most likely replace my usual morning routine as I don’t want something heavy in the morning. If you are getting this, get it as a set, you’ll save more that way. Goat Milk Daily Cream (Php949.50), Goat Milk Daily Toner (Php799.95), Goat Milk Daily Essence (Php999.95).

Moisture Soothing Gel Mist Aloe Vera (Php399.95) & Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera (Php349.95)
The Aloe Vera line is Esfolio’s crown jewel. It is the one that’s always sold out in their store. And of course I just have to try and see their claim myself! So far, I love the gel mist; it is very gentle on the skin and gives off a refreshed feeling. I highly recommend that one.

Tea Time Lemon Hand Cream (Php199.95) & Tea Time Lemon Foam Cleanser (Php299.95)
Because I love the smell of lemon, it’s like I am compelled to at least choose anything that is with lemons and it happens to be hand cream and cleanser. I still haven’t opened it, so I have nothing yet to say about it. I’ll keep you posted on my Instagram account (follow me @mhishacuyson).

Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Bubble & Peeling Cleanser (Php945.95)
This one got me so curious. A bubble and peeling cleanser? Now that’s new! It’s on my next-product-to-open list, so expect a review anytime soon.

Pure Skin Pure Snail Hand Cream (Php229.95)
A hand cream again? Yes, forgive me guys; I just couldn’t live without them. I always have to have backups, so yeah. This is also interesting because it’s truly my first time seeing a snail hand cream, mostly they’re just made out of fruits and other scents, but never from snail. Perhaps, collagen hand cream next? I’ll surely buy!

Foot & Heel Peeling Foot Mask (price not yet posted)
This one works! If you’re looking for an effective foot peeling mask, then you should try this one from Esfolio. The peeling of my feet were clean and nice; it did not leave any of my callous un-peeled (is that even a word?). I was so excited to use it that I forgot to take the before and after photo. Sad. But I vouch its effectiveness. Trust me on this, guys.

Hand & Nail Vital Mask (Php199.95)
I haven’t tried using hand mask ever and I though it’s probably time to do so. I’ve read conflicting reviews about hand masks being not that effective, but I am willing to give this the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see if Esfolio will top the hand mask game.

Hydrogel Masks (Php249/each) & Pure Skin Essence Sheet Masks (Php54.95/each)
I was very surprised when I saw how many sheet masks Esfolio has given me. It makes me think if I should proceed with my 30-day masks challenge or downgrade it to 10-day masks challenge only and then give the remaining 20 away. What do you think?

And that concludes my Esfolio Skincare haul. I was overwhelmed with all these products. I don’t know which to open and try first. Really Esfolio, thank you for bringing such wide range of skincare products in PH.

Visit Esfolio’s website https://www.esfolio.ph/ and Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/EsfolioPhilippines/?fref=nf for updates and promos. Follow them on Instagra, @esfolio_philippines.

What do you guys think of this haul? Fancy anything?