The Pros and Cons of Smartphones

Truth be told, that smartphones have taken the hearts and minds of everybody. Wherever you go, people always have a phone in their hands. There is never a time that a person will not check if they have an incoming message, a new follower, or simple play app games instead of communicating with people face-to-face. However, while some think that smartphones are works of evil, they are quite useful too. They make things easier for us. So, I did a little round up of the pros and cons of using a smartphone.

Pro – Entertaining
If there’s one thing that a smartphone is best at, it is entertaining its users, such as:
• Listen to music - Everything is in smartphones nowadays, even music’s. You can easily browse, download and listen to your favorite band anytime you want, and there are many apps like SugarSync that allows you to backup it to the cloud.
• Playing online games - Forget about being bored when you have a 3-hour break in school or work, because entertaining yourself with online games is much easiertoday. You can play for fun or even play games that allows you to win real money like online casino games by simply playing them with your mobile phone.
• Check the latest happenings in the world. I don’t know about you, but I now rely on my phone and internet to check the latest news. 
• Social Media. Keeping in touch with your friends is also easier when you have a smartphone. 

Con – It’s hard to let it go
Yeah, this is probably the hardest thing to do, especially to those people who rely completely on their smartphones. They think that they can’t get anything done without the help of their phones. Let’s all admit it, disconnecting ourselves to smartphones is like giving up your favorite blanket. Even now that people are going gaga at PokemonGo. 

Pro – They make sending messages easier and faster
Forget about the physical mail, because you can instantly send a message or email in a minute with the use of the email applications. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to receive such an important news from your love ones. 

Con – It has taken the excitement of receiving and opening a letter
Okay, we may have been born in the era where physical letters are almost non-existent, but, we always get to hear stories from our grandparents how excited they feel when a mailman delivers a letter to them. It sounds lame to some, but still kind of romantic, right?

Pro – Capturing your best moments are easier
Remember the times when cameras have limited number of shots? And that you have to protect the negative films at all cost if you want your pictures to be developed? Yeah, that is not the case anymore, because with a simple touch of your fingers, and a huge internal/external memory, you can easily take a picture, upload it, and then print it after. Easy as that. And smartphones are less bulky too.

Con – Unnecessary photos on social media
Not everything should be posted online, and because of easy access to camera and the internet, people tend to post unnecessary photos. Take Dani Mathers as an example. I know, right?

Do you agree on my list of pros and cons of the use of smartphones? Let me know by commenting below.


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