Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color Review + Event Photos

Having your hair done in salons can be a bit pricey. That is why I try to do all the hair-work myself – trimming, coloring, and treatment. It is hard at times, but I got the hang of it. And if I ever mess things up, I have no one to blame but myself. With hair coloring, however, I can say that it is my thing. Coloring my hair myself is not new to me. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. So, when the No. 1 DIY hair color brand from Japan, Liese, came to the Philippines, you have no idea how excited I was.

Liese (pronounced as Lee-zay) Cream Bubble Hair Color has a foam type formula. While this is not the first of its type (I believe Koreans also have their own versions), this is the first time that I tried using a bubble hair coloring. Even if it’s my first time I didn’t have any problem using it. It basically works like a shampoo! Only this will give you a new hair look, that is. 
Each box includes: two bottles of solutions with labels Step 1 and Step 2, a pair of rubber gloves, one hair treatment and the foamer cap. (All the things inside the box are pink and I love it!)

The procedure is very easy. All you have to do is:
  1. Prepare the mixture by mixing the Step 1 and Step 2. Pour all the content of the Step 1 into the bottle of Step 2.
  2. Replace the white lid with the pink foamer cap and mix it by turning the bottle upside down and back for at least 5 times. Do not shake for it will create bubbles in the bottle and may not dispense as foam. 
  3. Prep the hair
  4. Squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam onto gloved hand.
  5. Apply the foam to dry hair and massage it, just like using a shampoo. The bubbles will build up as you apply more of foam onto your hair.
  6. Leave it for at least 20-30 minutes.
  7. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Finish by using a shampoo and the Rinse-off treatment included in the box. 

My sister and I used it at the same time. Hers was Milky Beige and mine was Rose Tea brown. The colors of the bubbles were different – yellowish for Milky Beige and reddish for Rose Tea brown.  And this is how it turned out.

Sadly, the color is not noticeable on my sister’s hair. There’s a slight change, but it’s barely there. Her roots did changed color, but not enough to make it look even. Take note, she used all of the solution on her hair. Perhaps it’s because of her roots was really long that the color being not even is noticeable. 

On the other hand, mine looks really great. My roots were shorter than my sister and my hair is only shoulder length. The color turns out to be a washed reddish brown – if that’s even what you call it. It’s not perfectly even, but it’s barely noticeable unless you look closely.

What we both love – me and my sister – is that Liese doesn’t leave a strong chemical scent on our hair. There wasn’t itchy feeling on our scalp the way cream-types do. It also didn’t make our hair dry and frizzy. Our hair feels smooth and soft after washing it. We also notice that the color stays intact, without fading after a week of shampooing it. Plus, it's so easy to use!

Here are some of the photos during the Liese Cream Bubble Hair Color launch event last July 7. 
Cute Liese cloud plushies
The girls doing a demo on how to use Liese Bubble Hair Color
Design your own bag booth
After two washes
Look at my hair after two washes. It looks really even in person. My roots look darker, but it blends well with the rest of my hair. If you are to use Liese in the future, I recommend this color, Rose Tea Brown. You won’t regret it.

Liese Cream Bubble Hair Color has six color variants, namely Rose Tea Brown; Raspberry Brown; chestnut Brown; Milk Tea Brown; Milky Beige; and Marshmallow Brown.
PRICE: Php449/box

WHERE TO BUY: Landmark Makati and Trinoma, Metro Malls, Robinsons Department Stores, The City Mall and Personal Care Exchange. 

Disclosure: The product(s) mentioned was part of the given press samples from the brand's launch party. 
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