Celeteque 24-hour Photoready Liquid Foundation Review

You can’t always find a foundation with airbrush finish and skin care properties in one product. Now we can. With Celeteque 24-HR Photoready Liquid Foundation, it provides a smooth airbrush finish for 24 hours while concealing dark spots for all skin types. It has micro pigments and silicone elastomers that hide blemishes and dark circles. It’s also has Phytocelltec, a component harnessed from cutting-edge plant cell culture technology that has extensive anti-aging properties, making skin more supple and radiant every day. 
I started using this foundation a month ago and I can’t help but fall in love. Packed in a simple squeeze type tube and a metallic box, you won’t probably have thought how good this foundation works.  I don’t usually wear foundations, but Celeteque made me think twice. With its lightweight and non-greasy texture, Celeteque 24-HR Photoready Liquid Foundation is easy to blend into the skin. It is also non-drying and non-scented, making it sensitive-skin friendly.
I like wearing it during school days. You all probably know that I don’t wear too much foundation; a small amount will always do, at least for me because that is what I prefer. Celeteque liquid foundation is so light that I always forget that I am wearing a foundation. It has a light to medium coverage and applies evenly on the skin. The SPF30 is just enough for daily wear.

Please bear with the quality of the photo. It was taken with a low lighting and making my face look pale. But anyway, this foundation matches my skin tone. I have the shade beige; at first I thought that it may be too orange for me, only to find out that it’s just the right shade. It’s a bit orange, but nothing a setting powder can’t handle.

What I also like about this foundation is its semi-matte/power finish. It creates an illusion of a smooth skin. If you notice, I have a slight discoloration around my forehead, it’s a bit darker compared to the rest of my face. Because of the color-correcting pigments of Celeteque foundation, I don’t need to use another product to hide it. See how even my skin looks?
Celeteque 24-HR Photoready Liquid Foundation in action and set with powder
Moisturizing foundations are a big yes to me, and Celeteque did not disappoint. It is moisturizing enough that the dryness of my skin is not that obvious. It can hold up for approximately 5 hours without a primer. Plus, it is a local brand! Who would have thought that we can have such a nice foundation performer? And before you ask, no, this foundation did not break me out.

Celeteque 24-HR Photoready Liquid Foundation, PHP795.00
Available in 3 shades: Light, Medium, and Beige
Can be bought at: Watson’s nationwide

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