Review: Sigma Spot-on Concealer Kit

 As far as brushes are concerned, I am a noob. That explains the 7 makeup brushes that I own. It’s not that I don’t like to use a brush, believe me, I do, but a lazy girl like me don’t have the time to grab different types of brushes whenever I paint my face with makeup. As a matter of fact, I’d love to have a bunch of brushes in different kinds and colors, because why not? When I got this kit, I rejoiced. This Sigma Spot-On Concealer Kit deserves a spot in this blog.

 This set is part of the Advance Artistry Colletion of Sigma. It has 6 concealer brushes that come in various shapes and sizes. The various brush sizes, textures, and angles were designed to apply the perfect amount of concealer for your desired coverage anywhere on the face.

F64 – Soft Blend Concealer: Best for buffing and evening out concealer applied with a light hand on large areas or allover finish on the face. This is the largest brush in the kit and has a similar shape to a blending brush. The F64 is a very nice brush to use for setting your concealer with powder or use for contouring and highlighting.

F66 – Angled Buff Concealer: Gives a soft, light to medium coverage under the eyes and around the nose. I have a thing with angled brush. I just love how they work smoothly on the places that is hard to perfectly conceal, like the corners of the nose.

F69 – Angled Pixel Concealer: Apply concealer in a patting motion for best results on areas such as the sides of the nose. This is the longer and slightly narrower version of F66 and works almost the same. The difference is, this can hold the product very well.

F63 – Airbrush Blender: Delivers an airbrushed application of concealer for a diffused, well-blended finish. This brush is the smaller version of F64. It is great to use if you want to soften the concealer out nicely and blend out any color perfectly.

F71 – Detail Concealer: Use with a soft, light sweeping motion for a subtle touch of concealer. This brush works best on almost any part of your face that needs concealing because of its flexible bristles.

F68 –Pin-Point Concealer: Best for coverage of small spots that needs extra concealing. Have that teeny tiny blemish that you want to cover? This is the best brush to use for that! Among the six, this is the very sturdy one, I think I can even use it as an eyeliner brush too.

Well, that’s pretty much it. These brushes are so good and versatile. Honestly, I rarely use these, and if I do, I use them for contouring, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and highlighting. You all know that I’m a light-makeup person, so I don’t really use a concealer. Still, this kit is a really nice one. The brushes are unique, have soft bristles and made out of synthetic fibers. I’m sure that any professional makeup artist will love this!

Spot-on Concealer Kit, $72.00
Available at Sigma Beauty