REVIEW | B.liv Leach Me & Immerse Me Sheet Mask

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For your reference, I have a dry skin and oily on T-zone. Sheet mask is a weekly need of my skin, I uses them twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday. Tonight, I'd like to introduce two of the best sheet mask I have tried so far from B.liv by Cellnique. They sent me 3 mask sheets, 2 immerse me & 1 leach me.


Brand:    B.liv by Cellnique
Name:    Immerse Me & Leach Me Sheet Mask
Price:    Leach Me: $32.00/box of 7 | Immerse Me: $25.00/box of 7
Where to Buy:    B.liv

The mask is in the white and blue packaging. Among the sheet mask I've tried, this one's a bit hard to open and you'll know for sure that it is properly sealed. The description and other information's are all written in English and the expiration date is also indicated. 

Has a plastic separator. 

VERDICT:    These two are pretty much alike in terms of their appearance., they're both a bit transparent. Same scent and has the same cooling sensation when applied. The only thing that differs the two is that the Leach Me mask moisturizes skin, prevents signs of aging and restores your healthy glow. While the Immerse Me mask gives your skin a generous amount of hydration. 

Overall, I like b.liv's mask. The mask did a very good job moisturizing and left a very smooth, soft and supple on my skin. There's also a lot of essence left in the pack that is enough to be applied on the neck or re-applied on your face again when the mask already dried. As of the preventing signs of again property of the Leach me mask, I can't say much about that because.. well I'm still young and haven't yet noticed any signs of aging yet. LOL but it did make my skin brighter for days! 

Plus points; it has a lot of variety to choose from depending on what your skin needs.
Downside? It's pricey and can only purchase online.

Overall Rating:    4/5

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