Eyelash Attack | Princess Lee Handmade Artificial Black False Eyelashes

As you all know, my main make-up concern is on my eye and lip. Wearing false eyelashes was the only thing I knew to hide the imperfection of my uber short lashes. Not to mention that I too, is not that skilled on applying mascara. 

What I have now was sent to me for review purposes of Born Pretty Store. The shipping is quite fast that it only took less than 2 weeks to arrive at my doorsteps. 


NAME: Princess Lee Handmade Artificial Black False Eyelashes
MATERIAL: High Quality Fibre
WHERE to BUY: Born Pretty Store

The falsies comes in a box of 10 which is way to many for my personal use. The lashes has a transparent band lining. This falsies are handmade according to Born Pretty Store. The falsies has a natural strands and a dramatic strands at the ends.

•VERDICT: The falsies looks natural when worn, it's not the "Ooh! you're wearing falsies!" kind of look that stands out. It gives the effect like you were wearing a very volumizing mascara. The length is just enough to give emphasize of your eyes. I like wearing this falsies in school sometimes, and if I want a dramatic eye makeup I will just add a bunch of layers of mascaras with this on my eyes and viola! :)) It's also not heavy on the eyes which will make you really comfortable wearing it.

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