Review: Celeteque eye tuck plus Dark Circles lightener

Hi ladies~~ today Im going to finally post the review of my Celeteque eye tuck plus dark circle brightener which I got from sample room last year. This was stocked on my draft for almost a week or two now. It's just that my lappy is asking for reformat already so its kinda difficult for me to use it because of the lagginess. LOL 

Moving on to my review....

Product Info:

Brand: Celeteque
Name:  Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener
Net Wt: 15 mL
Price: Php299.00
Where to buy: In all Watsons Store Nationwide / Sample Room

On the box itself you can see all the details that you need to know about the product the; Ingredients, Manufactured Date, Expiration Date, how to use etc etc and all was written in English. 

Comes in a simple white tube with twister white cap. It's a very hygenic packaging, because of the super small tip hole, you can easily control the amount you'll use without spilling or wasting any product. 

Texture & Color

Its color is pure white with a creamy and watery consistency. When applied its not heavy at all. A little amount goes a long way.

The Good:

- Affordable
- Moisturizing effect is superb!
- No scent
- Hygenic & portable packaging

The Bad:

- Does not lighten my under eye

And that's all for the review! thanks for reading and have a nice day!~


HarajukuGirlFL said...

too bad the lightening aspect didn't work out. looks like a nice cream anyway.

Donah D. Sweetjellybean said...

Hello Mhisha! I'm also on a look out for a good dark circle under eye cream - it's so unlucky that this cream doesn't perform what it's supposed to do :-( Have you checked out Skin & Lab's undereye product hun? I'm using it and it seems to work wonders on me. :-)

Btw, inviting you to join my giveaway over on my blog - it's a high-end Korean BB cream & more and thought you might be interested. Feel free to check it out.

xx Donah

Rica Lanojan said...

Nice Review Mish.. :)but I always use concealer for my dark circles.. :) hehe..

Mhisha said...

I know, right? But for a $8 product for me its not that bad for this one's really moisturizing. :)

Mhisha said...

Yeah, it was really disappointing but thankfully it does moisturize my skin coz if not it'll be such a waste.
Skin & lab? I haven't tried it, do you have the review of that product? ;) I really am looking for a good under eye cream, eh.

Mhisha said...

I am using concealers too Rica, but wouldn't be nice if the time comes that I don't have to use it anymore? Hahaha. Im actually focusing on my skincare coz I rarely wear make-up. ;)