Review: Nature Republic Pretty tree dual Eyebrow Dark Brown

Hello readers! ^^ I am here again doing my second post on the 2nd day of December LOL. From now, there will be 23 more days left before Christmas right? I want to do the countdown with you guys by doing a blog post everyday. So yeah, I will flood this blog of mine ^^

What I have today was another product that Koreadepart had sent me 2 months ago, there's still 2 more product left from them actually and hopefully I could finish them tomorrow and the day after since they are stocked on my draft >.< how lazy of me right?

BRAND: Nature Republic
PRODUCT NAME: Pretty tree dual eyebrow
PRICE: $9.37 
WHERE TO BUY: Koreadepart
: No lump type and produces natural color.
: Fixes eyebrow's color and maintains vivid eyebrow for a long term.
: Includes rose hip oil to effect skin conditioning and cares eyebrow and skin.


: Using pencil with triangle shape, draw with wide parts for front of eyebrow and draw with narrow parts for the end.  
: Draw it according to wave of eyebrow using eyebrow mascara.

Natural drawing pencil
Triangular shim the tail until the creation and agglomeration smooth natural color is applied 
Delicate contour representation.

Mascara with a sharp thinning and texture
Living grain crisp and natural color correction of eyebrows at the same time Adding thinning eyebrows directing.

Rosehip Oil
Contain rosehip oil skin conditioning effects that skin care and eyebrow.

Very pigmented right?  Because the pencil side has a triangular shape you can control the thickness of the line on your brows. As you can see I made 3 lines swatches of the pencil, the first one with one swipe, two swipes and 3 swipes. All depends on how you want to fill in your brows either you want it to be natural or obvious this brow can do that for you. 


I think I overdid it. ^^ anyway, the color is just right like I mentioned earlier it depends on you on how thick you want it to be. Dark brown, coz it fits perfectly my hair =P


Look how my brow hairs turned brown! 


I hope this photos of mine did not scares you LOL. I'm not wearing any makeup here just the brows I also not fond of eyebrows, I learned on how to do it just recently. 

Now that I realized this is my first eyebrow review ever right? Hahahaha Okay, what I like about this product is that it is very easy to use because of its retractable eye brow pencil and the browcara on the lower part of the tube. The shade matches my hair perfectly and you don't need to sharpen it. And maybe because it has a browcara then it doesn't have a brush with it that's not a big deal anyway since I do have my own brow brush. ^^ About the eye brow mascara, it feels a bit stinging when applies on my eyebrow or maybe it is just me >.< I tried it on my sister and says she didn't feel anything other than that I don't have any negative experience. It stays the whole day so you won't need to retouch and retouch and I think it is refillable (or maybe not) also waterproof, no worries if you end up running on the rain. One more thing, it is very affordable~!! kkkkk.

DO I RECOMMEND THIS?: Yeah definitely~! especially if you have a brown colored hair then this eyebrow would really suit you! :)