REVIEW: Nature Republic Petite Cherry Rouge & Baviphat Kiss Scandal Plumping Jelly Tint

Hi everyone! Here I am again~~ I have lots of free time so I decided to finally post this product review about my favorite lip combination, its the NR Petite Cherry Roughe M23 & Baviphat Kiss Scandal Plumping Jelly Tint.

Im not really a fan of lipsticks & gloss but after this two I would say that I must reconsider my beliefs =)) Well, I believed that lipsticks can make your lips dry and what I dont like about glosses is that they're sticky >.< so I usually go out with bear lips ^_____^ And why I changed my mind? Here's my review:


As what the name says itself, this lipsy is really PETITE =)) Very kawaii *_* and also very handy.
Well I dont have anything to say about the packaging of this gloss since I think that there's no unusual about it :P 

To tell you the truth, Im kinda hesitant to buy the NR Petite Cherry Rouge M23 because it gets a bit cakey so I decided to buy it anyway because of its color, i just love pink >.< And without me knowing that this two was a GOOD combination ^_____^

What'ya think? Its pretty right? :D Cakey lippy + Sticky Gloss = Perfect Pink Lips~~~
I really didn't expect this outcome of this two, I really love this combination. <3 <3